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Product Rating for Wonderful Fragrance
review by Soft, sexy, unforgettable fragrance by Queen52 :
This perfume will compel both men and women to ask what are you wearing!! They have both (especially men) stopped me in a variety of places to inquire about my perfume. It has staying power, and even at the end of the day, it has mellowed to a very wonderful fragrance. My relatives including my daughter and grandsons snuggle so they can smell YaYa!! That is the ultimate compliment. I consider it my signature cologne!!! It is wonderfully soft and thank you for giving us a price break!!

Product Rating for Delicious and spicy!!!
review by Iryna:
I love two perfumes by Chanel best of all and one of them is Coco Mademoiselle. It is very special and sexy, besides it is really a long lasting fragrance, which is very important for me. If you do not want to smell like the majority of women using fruity perfumes you should definitely try this one and you will never be disappointed because it is worth it!!! I find it perfect for day-time and evening wear, besides I truly believe that it is a great choice for young girls and mature women.

Product Rating for totally the best, best I 've ever used!
review by Losaline:
I love my sister's perfume. I visited her house one day as she was getting ready for work. She smelled really good and I asked what it was she told me Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I went to her bathroom and used it, and from that day onward, I love it.
It stays on you for a long time and on your clothes too. No one else in my circle of friend has the same perfume as me.

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