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Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965 in Ohio. She grew up with her mother, step-father and seven siblings. During her childhood years, Parker trained in signing and ballet. She earned her first role in the Broadway production of The Innocents. Parker attended the School for Creative Performing Arts, the School of American Ballet and the Professional Children's School. Parker's first big break came in 1982 when she was cast in the co-lead role of the CBS-TV sitcom Square Pegs. Unfortunately, Square Pegs was cancelled after one season.

Although the sitcom was cancelled Parker's acting abilities were recognized and she was cast in four films. The two most well-known being Footloose and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. In the 1990's, Parker's career was moving full steam ahead and she had roles in several other films. In 1997, Darren Star sent Parker a script for Sex and the City and insisted she be cast in the upcoming show. Parker accepted the role despite her hesitation about being cast in a long-term television series. Sex and the City was a huge success and Parker became more famous then she ever imagined. She was now seen as not just an actress but a fashion icon. Parker used her personal style to launch her own line of perfume. According to Parker this is how it happened. ?I've always, always, always thought about creating my own scent,? she says. ?After 20 years, I got brave enough to talk to my agent, Peter Hess at C.A.A., about it. Peter said, ?Great, good to know.' And I thought, O.K. And then suddenly he called, and the instant I met Catherine?- Catherine Walsh, the senior vice president of Lancaster Group- ?I mean, we'd barely exchanged pleasantries, and it felt so right with her.? Parker already had in mind the notes she wanted to design her fragrance. The perfume is a combination of three scents- a drugstore perfume, an Egyptian oil and Comme des Garcons Incense Avignon. When combined together it creates a powerful fragrance which Parker has been wearing for years. With the help of Lancaster, Parker was able to recreate that scent with Lovely perfume for women. Lovely was an instant success and Parker decided to launch Covet.

Sarah Jessica Parker has become a leading actress, fashion icon and perfume creator. One wouldn't think she could find time to do anything else but she did. Parker created her own line of fashion called Bitten. She paired up with clothing chain Steve & Barry's and launched the line on June 7th.

Perfume & Colognes by Sarah Jessica Parker:

Covet Perfume for Women
Covet Pure Bloom Perfume for Women
Lovely Perfume for Women
Lovely Sheer Perfume for Women
Twilight Perfume for Women

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