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About Liz Claiborne Fragrances:

Liz Claiborne was born March 31, 1929 in Belgium. Both of her parents were American citizens and in 1939 returned home to New Orleans. As a young girl, Claiborne's father didn't believe in formal education and sent her to Europe to study art. In 1949, Claiborne began studying fashion and won a Jacques Heim design competition sponsored by Harper's Bazaar magazine. Claiborne left Europe and moved to New York City where she worked as a sketch artist. Over the years Claiborne worked in several positions before she launched her own company in 1976. Claiborne saw a need to design more comfortable professional women's clothing. The Liz Claiborne label became a success due to its good quality materials and reasonable pricing.

Within a few years Liz Claiborne expanded her design house to include menswear, perfumes and fashion accessories. Claiborne first launched Liz Claiborne for women in 1986. This perfume contains a blend of bergamont, lily of the valley and jasmine. Following this, Claiborne introduced several other fragrances including Claiborne, Vivid, Curve, Lizsport, Lucky You and Mambo. Claiborne and her husband retired from the day to day business and have become active in various charities. They continue to buy back shares of the company and run the Liz Claiborne and Arthur Oretnburg foundation.

Perfume & Colognes by Liz Claiborne:

Bora Bora Perfume for Women
Bora Bora Exotic Perfume for Women
Curve Perfume for Women
Curve Chill Perfume for Women
Curve Connect Perfume for Women
Curve Crush Perfume for Women
Curve Kicks Perfume for Women
Curve Soul Perfume for Women
Curve Wave Perfume for Women
Liz Perfume for Women
Liz Claiborne Perfume for Women
Liz Sport Perfume for Women
Lucky Number 6 Perfume for Women
Lucky You Perfume for Women
Mambo Perfume for Women
Realities Perfume for Women
Realities Original Perfume for Women
Spark Seduction Perfume for Women
Vivid Perfume for Women
Bora Bora Cologne for Men
Bora Bora Exotic Cologne for Men
Claiborne Cologne for Men
Claiborne Sport Cologne for Men
Curve Cologne for Men
Curve Black Cologne for Men
Curve Chill Cologne for Men
Curve Connect Cologne for Men
Curve Crush Cologne for Men
Curve Kicks Cologne for Men
Curve Sport Cologne for Men
Curve Wave Cologne for Men
Lucky Number 6 Cologne for Men
Lucky You Cologne for Men
Mambo Cologne for Men
Spark Cologne for Men

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