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The name Elizabeth Arden is known worldwide for their wonderful cosmetics and perfumes. The Elizabeth Arden product line was started by Florence Nightingale Graham who eventually changed her name to Elizabeth Arden. She opened her first store in 1909 as a salon with her friend, Elizabeth Hubbard. She learned all about skin care products while working as a bookkeeper for the E.R. Squibb Pharmaceuticals Company, where she had access to their labs. She also worked as a "treatment girl" for Eleanor Adaire who was one of the first to work with beauty products. Her partnership with Elizabeth Hubbard eventually fell apart and she developed the Elizabeth Arden name by taking her old partner's name and Arden came from a poem written by Tenneyson. Elizabeth Arden was responsible for eye makeup and the makeover which she used in her salons. She also was the first to include scientists in the creation of beauty products. She also created beauty products that matched line rouge, nail polish, and lipsticks. In 1915 the company expanded and took the brand around the world. The 1922 Elizabeth Arden released three different unique perfumes which would make Elizabeth Arden perfumes known throughout the world.

Starting in the 1930s through the 1960s the company's cosmetics were exclusive items for the rich and famous. Some famed Elizabeth Arden consumers were Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and several Queens of England among many others. In 1943 she began designing different fashions along with other famous designers. After Elizabeth Arden's death in 1962 the company continued to make the great products they were known for but it was no longer a product exclusive to the rich and famous. The company was then sold to Eli Lilly in 1971. In 2003 a company in New York called FFI purchased Elizabeth Arden from Eli Lilly and changed their name to Elizabeth Arden. Today the company still makes cosmetics but is more concentrated on their wonderful fragrance lines.

In the 1922 when Elizabeth Arden Products first launched her new perfume line she could have never known the amount of success this would bring to her company. Her first fragrances that were launched in 1922 were Arden Rose, Lilac, and Italian Lilac which were all loved by consumers. After this success Elizabeth Arden released four new fragrances that would bring success to the company. These were La Joie d'Elizabeth, Le R?ve d'Elizabeth, Mon Amie Elizabeth, and L'Amour Elizabeth. In 1934 Elizabeth Arden launched their Blue Grass perfume line which was so popular it continues to be produced today. In later history Elizabeth Arden release Red Door in 1989. This fragrance was named after her famous salons and in 1999 they launched Green Tea.

In more recent history Elizabeth Arden Fragrances has become well known for launching fragrances branded with celebrity names. In 1975 Elizabeth Arden released Halston lines of fragrances carrying the name of Roy Halston a famous hat maker. In 2004 Elizabeth Arden Fragrances launched a line of Britney Spears perfumes. The first release was Curious which made the company over $30 million. In 2006 Elizabeth Arden released a line of perfumes by Hillary Duff, a popular Actress and pop star. In 2007 they released a line by Mariah Carey who is an American singer. Elizabeth Arden has even released fragrances by Hummer, an SUV, and Nascar racing. These are just a few of the many different Elizabeth Arden fragrances in production and loved by many.

There are so many different Elizabeth Arden products and fragrances on the market today and each year several more products are released. This year is bringing us Mediterranean Breeze and Green Tea Lotus which is an exotic fragrance inspired by Japanese Gardens. 2008 is also bringing us Wrapped With Love by Hillary Duff and created by Elizabeth Arden along with many other beautiful fragrances. In 2006 Elizabeth Arden acquired the fragrance portfolio from Riviera Concepts. Some of the fragrances which are now distributed by Arden are Alfred Sung and Bob Mackie. Elizabeth Arden has truly become a world famous brand in both cosmetics and fragrances and will continue to bring us these exquisite products into the future.

Perfume & Colognes by Elizabeth Arden:

5th Avenue Perfume for Women
5th Avenue After Five Perfume for Women
5th Avenue Nights Perfume for Women
5th Avenue NYC Perfume for Women
5th Avenue Style Perfume for Women
Arden Beauty Perfume for Women
Blue Grass Perfume for Women
Green Tea Perfume for Women
Mediterranean Perfume for Women
Pretty Perfume for Women
Pretty Hot Perfume for Women
Provocative Perfume for Women
Red Door Perfume for Women
Red Door Aura Perfume for Women
Red Door Revealed Perfume for Women
Splendor Perfume for Women
Sunflower Summer Bloom Perfume for Women
Sunflowers Perfume for Women
True Love Perfume for Women
Untold Perfume for Women
Sandalwood Cologne for Men

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