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About Carolina Herrera Fragrances:

Carolina Herrera was born Maria Carolina Josephina Pacanins y Nino on January 8, 1939 in Caracas, Venezuela. Her father and mother descended from a long line of landsowners and statesman. Carolina is very fond of her parents and said she is, ?spoiled as far as men's looks are concerned? since her father was so attractive. Herrera spent time as a young woman with the royals and nights with the Warhol crowd. She went on to create a test line of fashion and launched it in 1980. The line of fashion did so well that she and her family moved to New York and in 1981 formed Carolina Herrera Ltd.

Carolina Herrera became well-known for her suits, dresses and gowns. In 1988, she expanded her business to include fragrances. Her first perfume, Carolina Herrera, contains a blend of tuberose and jasmine. Following this, Herrera launched a men's Carolina Herrera cologne in 1991. Aqua Flore was the third fragrance launched and is lighter, fresh new perfume. Herrera said of her clothing and fragrances, ?I love the idea of elegance and intricacy, but whether it is in a piece of clothing or a fragrance, the intricacy must appear as simplicity.?

Perfume & Colognes by Carolina Herrera:

212 Perfume for Women
212 Sexy Perfume for Women
212 VIP Perfume for Women
212 Vip Rose Perfume for Women
Carolina Herrera Perfume for Women
CH Carolina Herrera Perfume for Women
Ch Carolina Herrera Sublime Perfume for Women
CH L'Eau Carolina Herrera Perfume for Women
Chic Perfume for Women
Flore Perfume for Women
212 Glam Cologne for Men
212 Men Cologne for Men
212 Sexy Cologne for Men
212 VIP Cologne for Men
CH Carolina Herrera Cologne for Men
CH Men Sport Carolina Herrera Cologne for Men
Chic Cologne for Men
Herrera Cologne for Men

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